Debt rescheduling despite Credit Bureau entry – relieve household budget

Will a rescheduling work in spite of Credit Bureau’s entry? Or would the interest be simply too high? Many loan offers that were taken years ago are out of date today. They should therefore be rescheduled.

What is a Credit Bureau entry?

What is a Credit Bureau entry?

The Credit Bureau – even if many do not want it – stores personal as well as economic data about all consumers in Germany. While the personal data refer to general information about the person and the place of residence, the economic data is somewhat more precise.

They include information about contracts and liabilities that may not have been serviced on time. The latter has a negative effect on Credit Bureau, which makes borrowing much more difficult. If there is already a loan, which should be provided with better conditions by means of a rescheduling despite Credit Bureau entry, this is not quite so easy. Because the offers that are available at a negative Credit Bureau, are very rare.

Especially if they should be fair. It must therefore be approached somewhat differently to the borrowing, so that they can succeed.

Create conditions

Create conditions

A rescheduling despite Credit Bureau entry is hardly possible if the conditions for borrowing are not improved. Now there are some simple means that can quickly bring a solution.

There is talk of the addition of a guarantor. If you can find a solvent guarantor who supports the rescheduling despite Credit Bureau entry, all credit offers that are currently on the market can be used. In the best case, the loan for rescheduling is searched despite Credit Bureau entry with the help of our loan calculator. This ensures that the best offer can really be claimed.

It looks a bit different if the guarantor should not be called in. Then other collateral should be named, so that the borrowing stands on solid legs. It must also be borne in mind that borrowing without a guarantor and a negative Credit Bureau can not be used to obtain a regular loan offer. Traditional banks do not lend under such circumstances.

It must therefore be avoided on the loan prizes with private donors or on foreign loans. Both are two options that are significantly more expensive than the regular loan offers.

Debt rescheduling despite Credit Bureau entry – step by step

Debt rescheduling despite Credit Bureau entry - step by step

In order for the rescheduling to succeed in the end, it is very important that the loan is taken on a fixed schedule. So it is important that the old loan is not terminated until a new loan agreement has been signed. On top of that, the previously mentioned comparison should take place in advance, so that really a worthwhile offer can be found.

On top of that, it would be important to check whether debt rescheduling is possible at all. In the contract of the old loan must be looked for, which options are intended for it. Above all, possible costs should be considered carefully. In addition, the bank, which manages the old loan, also gladly makes its own offer as part of the rescheduling.

This will definitely be better than the current offer. And maybe it’s the offer that will be used in the end.

Without stress and without examining the Credit Bureau.