How to Get a Girl to Go For You in Chat Rooms

Do you think you know how to get a girl to go for you in chat rooms? Do you even know the basics about girls? You’d be surprised to know that most guys are clueless about the correct way to approach a girl.

Here’s the thing about girls: they want and need a strong reason to get involved with you. Even if you’re so “alpha” (alpha males, as you probably know) that she thinks you’re too good to be true, she will let her guard down. If you can simply show up on her doorstep with a strong game plan, your chances of getting a response will be high.


Most guys don’t know how to get a girl to get to know them

Most guys don

In fact, many guys come into chat rooms thinking they’re going to get along with the other guys there. The sad thing is that 95% of these guys will be met with rejection, anger, or disappointment, so they leave.

Now there’s an interesting way to find girls that have a better chance of getting you in. You can do it through the use of riddles. By putting together a series of words with different meanings, you will get different results.

For example, to figure out how many numbers to type into a telephone number, all you need to do is take the louse word “liplock”. It means to close a flap or shut tight; write down those meanings together and use them together with numbers. That’s all you need to figure out the number.


You have a long string of numbers

You have a long string of numbers

From this simple little trick, you’ll be able to go through a chat room with confidence. This is a really useful technique for all the guys that want to learn how to get girls. It doesn’t matter if you’re out looking for someone for a fling or you’re going out with the girls you already know.

When you are talking to girls, you won’t know what they mean until they get to know you, so you have to learn how to keep it simple. Any time you are talking to girls, just keep it simple and funny.

One example would be to start a conversation by telling them a short, funny story. You could always turn the subject to something else if they didn’t understand.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every girl is perfect


If you do, then you’ll end up spending your entire conversation trying to talk about what a wonderful girl she is. It’ll make it easier for the girls to get to know you and they’ll appreciate your efforts.

All this is why a great technique for meeting women is to get a few girls to come up to you. This will show you that they aren’t stupid, and you can continue to develop your techniques on getting girls.

Start talking to some girls and don’t get too serious about it. There are tons of examples of random chat rooms on the internet, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting some responses.